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Jury’s decision Totem Cams photo contest

David Nieto (Spain)

After a month receiving your pictures from all around the world, the first Totem Cams photo contest is over.

There were a really high quality pictures, and that’s why it was so difficult to make a decision about the winners. Thank you everybody for sending your pictures. This is not going to be the last Totem Cams photo contest so keep trying next time.

Jury’s decision:

First prize to:

David Nieto (Spain)
David Nieto (Spain)

Second prize to:

Anthony Johnson (USA)
Anthony Johnson (USA)

Coming soon we will share the best pictures in facebook, don’t forget commenting them and giving your opinions.




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Totem Cams photo contest

Totem climbing gear

Hello and welcome to the first Totem Cams photo contest.

Totem Cams, first photo contest
Totem Cams, first photo contest

Who may participate: 

Everyone over 18, any nationality, professional or not. All participants will receive a 10% discount ticket which can be used in our website (only the Countries authorized to use the online shopping mode) from the 5th of October to the 31th October 2015.


Trad Climbing, all products and brands which appear in the picture are valid.

Admission dates:

The contest will start the 17th of September and will finish the 18th of October 2015 at 23:59. Every photography sent out of time will be rejected.

Technical characteristics for the contest:

  • Each participating photographer will present three pictures maximum.

  • Size of the picture: at least 1000px long and never heavier than 2mb.

  • Only JPG photos will be accepted.

  • Digital retouching is allowed on the condition that the picture must keep its essence.

  • The pictures with a watermark, as well as the ones with identification mark, will be no accepted.

  • No photo frame allowed.

  • No selective discoloration photo allowed.

  • There will not be allowed pictures offending against human dignity, damage the environment, neither the manifestly disgusting or offensive ones.

Where and how to send the pictures:

The pictures will be sent to with the additional information listed bellow:

  • Name.

  • Surname.

  • Country.

  • Mail.

  • Phone number with the country code.

  • Attached photos.


  • First prize: five of our products to choose and one T-shirt.

  • Second prize: Two of our products to choose and one T-shirt .

Totem climbing gear
Totem climbing gear

Jury´s decision:

The jury is made up of professionals from the world of photography and mountain, it will issue its decision, which will be final, the 21th of October 2015. The winning pictures will be published on the blog and social networks and the winners will be informed by e-mail.


The participant declares and guarantees that the submitted work was created by him/her and that he/she holds all rights to the work. All the pictures could be used in the Totem Cams blog, website or social networks in order to promote the contest.

Artists and authors will remain sole copyright owners of their works. Totem Cams binds itself to comply with the offer’s copyright and so to take care about the use of their works.

The fact of sending a picture will means that you agree completely the contest rules.

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Totem Cam and Basic Cam strength comparison

Totem strength tests

In this first post we will like to present a video with a Totem Cam and Basic Cam strength comparison. At the end of the video we will show some interesting conclusions about the tests. We hope you will find it interesting!


Please contact us in case of any doubt or comment.

Thank you,