Totem Cam

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The state-of-the-art cams. Exclusive design which offers superior holding capabilities. The core of the cam rack for any trad climb.

84,95 inc. VAT

0.50 (black)
84,95 inc. VAT
0.65 (blue)
84,95 inc. VAT
0.80 (yellow)
84,95 inc. VAT
1.00 (purple)
84,95 inc. VAT
1.25 (green)
84,95 inc. VAT
1.50 (red)
84,95 inc. VAT
1.80 (orange)
84,95 inc. VAT
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The Totem Cam offers an extraordinary holding power and unique capabilities with the patented Direct Loading system. Exclusive design which features everything you require of a cam for all-around use with extended capabilities. Technology that is pushing the clean climbing limits. Characteristics:

Superb holding power with the exclusive Direct Loading system.
The narrowest head width on small sizes.
Loadable on just two lobes. Read the Instructions For Use!
Less walking due to strong springs and good flexibility.
Smoother to remove.
Easy handling even with hand gloves.
Good expansion range (1.64:1).
Light and durable.
No passive strength.


Size Range Strength Weight
0.50 (black) 0.46-0.74″
6KN 69gr
0.65 (blue) 0.54-0.89″
8KN 75gr
0.80 (yellow) 0.67-1.09″
9KN 83gr
1.00 (purple) 0.82-1.35″
10KN 95gr
1.25 (green) 1.01-1.67″
13KN 109gr
1.50 (red) 1.24-2.06″
13KN 132gr
1.80 (orange) 1.56-2.53″
13KN 144gr


Instructions For Use (603Kb)
EU Declaration Of Conformity (287Kb)
Loading just two lobes (136Kb)
Cam mechanical principles (390Kb)
Totem Cam Repair Form (45Kb)

6 reviews for Totem Cam

  1. Spencer

    Love these things. They are great in slightly funky, uneven cracks that aren’t perfectly splitter. If I come up on a good vertical placement wild countries or BD cams are just fine. Any time the placement is a bit awkward, uneven, horizontal, or slightly flared, I reach for the totems. Even if it is a good splitter and I am making a tough move, I always use to totem. They feel so solid to fall on and always make me nice and fuzzy.

  2. Joseph Parks

    I love these cams! Several people have said it and I’ll say it again, these are the first cams I reach for when placing pro on a route. I love the ease of the trigger and the narrow heads make it so quick and easy to get bomber placements, especially when you need it fast! I use these for free climbing and sections that used to be impossible to protect are now protected by bomber Totem placements! After using my new Totems on long multi-pitch routes for several days in a row, placing them in the rain, hail, and sun, and building anchors in a torrential downpour, I now consider Totems a necessity to any rack. Totems are the core of any cam rack for sure!

  3. Bryce

    Excellent Cams! Nice to have a set of these in addition to other more traditional cams. The holding power and placement flexibility of Totems make them an easy first choice for any climb. The amount of times I’ve found a place for the black totem when no other cam would place confidently, is amazing. These are a little heavier than comparably sized cams from other manufacturers, but the fact that these can replace normal and offset cams makes up for their weight. Great work from Totem!

  4. Pat

    I own and use cams from many different brands and I climb on many different rock types. It does not matter if I am climbing on limestone, sandstone, granite or basalt; the first cams I reach for are the Totem cams. Totem cams are the best.

  5. Micha

    I actually love the sling design because it works so well when French freeing. You can pull directly on the inner catch with your hand without interference from the carabiner of the outer catch when you’ve clipped that for protection. These are the best cams I’ve used to date and would not recommend any changes other than stiffening up the largest orange size or eliminating that flaccid thing.

  6. John Bowman

    Amazing cams. Don’t walk much, great cam angle and range, good bite, narrow heads, independent lobe pairs make them infinitely adjustable offset cams, and two / three lobe placements totally doable for aid. Biggest improvement in cams since Friends were invented IMO.
    One thing I don’t like is the sling. I would suggest losing the far bottom loop altogether, and raise the first loop an inch or so. As they are, the far end loop doesn’t extend far enough beyond the inner loop to make a significant difference. Just one, higher loop would make them rack much better, be better for aid, and you would use a QuickDraw as normal.

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