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Jury’s decision second Totem Cams photo contest

Winner, Kamil Sustiak

After two months receiving your pictures from all around the world, the time has finally arrived, the photo contest is over.

There were a really high quality pictures. Thank you everybody for sending your photos.

This is not going to be the last Totem Cams photo contest so keep trying next time.

Jury’s decision:

First prize to:

Winner, Kamil Sustiak
Winner, Kamil Sustiak

Second prize to:

Rock climber Aaron Livingston (@livingstonaaron) puts up a new route in the hills above the Buttermilks as photographer Dana Felthauser (@danafelthauser) watches and shoots photos. (Out of Reach 5.11-)
Dana Felthauser

Coming soon we will share the best pictures in facebook, don’t forget commenting them and giving your opinions.